Client AgroEknor International
Sector Agriculture
Requirement Website Content
Tone of Voice Professional, Serious



AgroEknor International (AEI) is an agricultural and commodity export trading business based in Africa with a global network spanning European, Asian, North and South American markets.



From our humble beginnings in 2012, we have expanded our operations and range of commodities.

The AgroEknor vision began as a simple idea which propelled our executive team into opening up channels of communication and relationships overseas. We identified a gap between supply of readily available agricultural products in Africa and its demand worldwide; a gap we could conveniently fill while delivering superior service and improving the communities we trade in.

As we pride ourselves on efficiency, we established our business following extensive research and strategic planning. This decision is the foundation of our success today.

Since our first trading experience, we have expanded our trade channels, our people, partners and client base in line with our vision of establishing a perceptive, sustainable and passion-driven brand.



With our expansive knowledge in agricultural exportation, AgroEknor International (AEI) is also deeply involved in diversifying its exports to the energy sector within the next five years. We have established key partnerships with major government agencies and institutes with the goal of fostering long-term relationships aimed at contributing to national development and Africa’s development goals.

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