It matters a lot to your potential clients where and how you would engage with them. Your office or store is one place to host visitors. The online space is another fast-growing channel for your brand to be present.

Research shows that today, a great percentage of people visit websites via their mobile compared to stats from three years ago; and the numbers only keep increasing as data becomes more readily available!

What this means is that for your business to maintain competitive edge and build a solid reputation, it must have a mobile optimised website, as well as presence on at least, one social media platform, to remain relevant and engaged.

However, it is not just about being ‘present’, but also about how you position your brand on these channels. Just as you would take time to decorate your office to reflect your brand personality, you should take time to proof your web design, website content, other digital channels, and your social engagement.

Your brand reputation is everything. Protect it.

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