Falcon Aviation Training School is a forward-thinking aviation training school based in Lagos, Nigeria. The Falcon Aviation Training team came to us with a challenge. They had just started business and needed to grow their fan base online to attract more customers.

With a dedicated budget and a sound online marketing plan, the Copyshop team was able to help achieve the following:

  • 0 – 10,000 in 3 months.
  • $0.18 per Facebook Like
  • 97 enquiries via Facebook Messenger alone.

The MD, Toyin Sanni, was pleased with the results.

She said: “At the inception of Falcon Aviation Training, we knew we would require best-in-class digital marketing and content professionals to promote our brand.  Being mindful of the fact the we are a new player in a very competitive business, we sought and obtained the best team- Copyshop. We particularly appreciate their commitment to our corporate objectives in promoting our brand, their timeliness in getting things done and providing feedback. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this team to any organisation desirous of achieving brand awareness and recognition”.


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