Before leaving the house, most of us preen before a mirror to be sure we look the part of how we would want to be addressed outside. We know that first impressions matter; people will address us according to their interpretation of how we look.

Same thing for brands.

Every time, people meet your brand, whether offline or online, they judge the brand by how it comes across. From the look and feel to the words you use, your brand should reflect the part you want it to play in the minds of customers and visitors. People should trust the brand image you put across.

You don’t your lion brand looking and sounding like a duck. You want a lion brand to roar like a lion and look as fierce as a lion.

So, next step: discuss with your team – what is your brand personality? How should you translate this brand personality to your colours, images, website, and even your communication? What sort of words would you use when writing an ‘About Us’ story? Would you sound down-to-earth or would you use a lot of flowery words?

What you say about your brand is as important as how it looks. It’s time to play dress up.

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