First Published on Vanguard Newspaper, February 14, 2017; Page 11


Copyshop, a network of expert writers and editors, has announced the launch of its content writing service to support the efforts of marketing teams in large companies with heavy content needs, agencies committed to delivering projects on time, and overwhelmed entrepreneurs who are passionate about result-driven marketing.


The service was launched to fill a demand for quality writing, following a recent survey that recorded up to 60% of entrepreneurs identifying content marketing as one of the major challenges in the day-to-day marketing and communication operations of most businesses. Copyshop positions itself as a writing assistant to busy managers, agencies and entrepreneurs, who can’t find the time to write, or just don’t know how to.


Experienced and specialising in writing for a variety of business communication needs, the Copyshop team marries strategy with writing to tell compelling brand stories across various media.  Offering two plans to clients, the self-service plan boasts a simple on demand service, where clients can commission any of a variety of content types such as website content, press releases, blog posts, newsletters, professional biographies, product description and French-to-English translation. It also boasts a content marketing strategy service for marketing teams that would like to turn it up a notch and dominate online and offline.



Speaking at the Launch, Director, Business Development & Partnerships, Amara Njoku, described Copyshop as an innovative service that can prove to be the deal breaker for many smart companies who would like to stay ahead of the competition. “Content is not just king in today’s world where brands struggle to remain relevant in an evolving online space, your strategic use of compelling content can convert visitors to brand loyalists,” she said.


Amara Njoku also spoke about Copyshop’s high quality assurance standards, where every piece of article is reviewed by qualified editors before it is sent to the client. “Potential writers and editors go through a series of rigorous tests. Only 5% of writers and editors make it through and are added to our growing and diverse team,” she said.


A marketing communication enthusiast herself, she mentioned quality of the final content, short turnaround time on delivering the service, and content marketing strategy as Copyshop’s unique selling points. “At the end of the day, we want our clients to be the heroes. Copyshop by Lexiton is your writing partner, because we are working to achieve the same goals – the success of your business with as little stress as possible”.


Lexiton Media Limited is an innovative marketing and communication company focused on solving the toughest marketing communication challenges for the busy business owner who wants real results. So far, it has brands like Copyshop and in its portfolio of brands.


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Copyshop helps businesses like yours grow their online presence. We help you attract more customers and increase your knowledge of result-driven online marketing. Read more about how we help our clients attract more customers and fans, our success stories or join a workshop.


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