Please note clients receive two drafts (DRAFT1 and DRAFT2) before the final version is sent. If the client requires more changes to the content after the two revisions, the charge is an additional 5% of total cost per draft. The final invoice will be sent upon completion of the first draft and the client will be expected to send th make the final payment as soon as the final copy of the content is sent and received by the client.



70% of the complete project fee is due upon acceptance of the quotation with the balance paid no more than 5 days after the final invoice is sent. In the case where the value of the invoice is less than N200,000, 100% payment is required before work starts.

The remaining total will be invoiced no later than 5 days upon completion of work.

Once the initial deposit is paid, work will commence on the writing package. This deposit is non-refundable once work has commenced, even if the work is cancelled.



During the final draft review stages, JPEG formats of the file will be sent to the client until invoice is fully paid. Upon completion of payment, an editable format (Word) will be sent to the client.



Where Copyshop has not received the payment in full by the due date of any invoice, Copyshop will charge a 10 per cent late fee (per piece of content) for every week the invoice is outstanding. If the invoice is outstanding for more than 30 days from the due date, Copyshop reserves the right to take this as a legal case.



Ideally and for most projects, our standard delivery time is 5 working days after invoice is paid. A 10% additional fee (per piece of content) will be added to the total cost of the job for priority to “jump the queue” or have work complete within 24-48hours. If work within this timeframe falls on a weekend or public holiday a 30% fee (per piece of content) will be added instead to the total cost.



Changes to the content in the draft stages must be made within 3 days of the sent date unless otherwise negotiated. If they are not made within this time, the service is null and void and the content is considered complete. Clients receive the content (drafts and final copy) via email or Dropbox if needed.



All content is externally proofread. Please note, while Copyshop proofs the copy throughout the writing process, the content will be heavily proofed at the end of the project once all client changes have been made.



Additions to the contract or changes to the original brief can be negotiated. A written quote will be provided at an additional percentage rate determined by the work requested.



All content written by Copyshop remains the intellectual property of Copyshop until the account is paid in full. Copyshop takes no responsibility for content that is changed after final payment has been received. The content becomes the property of the client. Copyshop asks all clients to carefully check the content provided. Copyshop takes no responsibility if a client fails to do so in the checking and draft processes. All copies of the writing project are sent in Word format and clients are able to make changes as they wish after receiving the final copy.

For further clarification, please email hello@copyshopng.com.




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