By Amara Njoku,

This article was first published in Business Day newspaper.


You walk into a networking event and meet a prospect who is interested in your business. Suddenly, you are asked, “what do you do?” It is time to seal the deal by leaving something memorable with your prospect, but when you fish around, you have nothing! Now, your prospect is going on to the next person and you just missed out on that opportunity.

Sounds like you?

Business owners know how important networking events are for meeting prospective clients, but beyond the meeting, what marketing tools do you leave behind to ensure you remain top of mind?


Here are 3 must-have tools:


Putting together a press kit is important, especially for a newly launched brand or product.


In this age where online channels compete for attention, your press kit can also be hosted online; for example, on your website.


Your online press kit can include the following:

  • Your brand’s logo
  • A personalised note pitching your business, product/service and product description.
  • Company fact sheet
  • Articles written about your business
  • Your business card.



These sum up company’s products/services and customer reviews. 72% of respondents in a survey agree that reading positive customer reviews/testimonials increase their trust in a business, and it takes, on average, 2-6 reviews to get 56% of them to this point!


So, the next time your client sounds satisfied about your service/products, please ask for a testimonial.



These may not be tangible, but they sure are important for any business today.

Here you should have:


Your website:  This should be eye-catching, easy to navigate and with well-written website content that gives a first-time visitor a clear insight into the value your brand promises.


Your website should tell your story in a compelling way and should have clear call-to-action buttons that encourage people to purchase. Services like Copyshop, the premium content writing service, can help you create website content that sells your brand.


Your Social channels: People love brands that they can easily relate to and being on social media offers you the opportunity to engage with people on several platforms.


With these, you are ready for business!


About the Author

Amara Njoku is the Director, Business Development & Partnerships, Copyshop, a premium content writing service for busy individuals and companies.

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