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The life of a marketing manager is usually chaotic with the one thousand and one things that never seem to end. Smart marketing people know that to retain sanity, they need to automate with love. What do I mean? Automating the things that remove the clutter and cut down to genuine face-time with your potential or existing clients.

It can be hectic deciding the best tools that save time and money (and we really want to save as much as we can, don’t we? :).

Below are three lifesaving tools you need to become awesome at your job:


  1. Hootsuite for social media management:

Tired of jumping from one social platform to another? Try Hootsuite.

Hootsuite helps you manage and track what your customer is saying online about you or your brand all in one place. You can easily pull all your social platforms on your single Hootsuite account for tracking questions and sending instant replies. It works across all platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you can connect them all together and get reports instantly. No more hopping about.

Hootsuite also sends you a weekly analysis of your activities including number of clicks per day, geographical information on the people clicking through your site, and most popular links. The application keeps you in touch with what is going on online, especially as it relates to you.

Create a new Hootsuite account here.

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  1. Google Alerts for Media Monitoring

Want to know who just said something your brand on the worldwide web? Google Alerts is your best friend.

I love this tool as it is free and easy to use. Just set up and you are good to go. You can also use it to track when your competitors are mentioned too, so you always stay one step ahead.

Sign up for Google alerts here.


  1. Copyshop for content writing when you’re too busy:

Did you think I would forget to mention this? No way.

Let’s face it. For many people, writing sucks. Or you may just be crazy busy, or the words are just not coming and you need something out in the press RIGHT NOW.


Copyshop is your personal content writing service to help you take the H out of hard work (what would that sound like?). We call it ‘content writing service on steroids’, as it guarantees about 3 – 5days delivery of your order.

With Copyshop, you just place an order for a content piece, give the general idea of your content, and click SEND. A writer within the team will be happy to lift the stress off you. To begin, order your content here.


What are you waiting for? Begin your productivity hacking now and get smarter, more organised and more productive today.


How We Rock:

Copyshop helps businesses like yours grow their online presence. We help you attract more customers and increase your knowledge of result-driven online marketing. Read more about how we help our clients attract more customers and fans, our success stories or join a workshop.


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